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3 Must-Have Apps for Managing Your Instagram Account

With more than 800 million active users a month, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the planet. But with over 95 million photos and videos uploaded a day, how do you make your content standout from the clutter?

If you’re looking to get your profile and photos seen, you simply must use other apps and tools to build a strong brand and cohesive profile.

To run your Instagram account like a boss, make sure you use these apps and websites regularly:

1. Apps to track your audience growth

If you don’t have a business account, there are other ways to get critical Instagram analytics. You should regularly monitor your follower growth and setup baseline goals. You can track your followers and unfollowers with the app Followers and Likes Manager, and see your most-engaged followers and begin identifying your most dedicated (and valuable!) fans.

2. Apps to monitor your engagement

It’s equally important to know your engagement rate (likes + comments) vs. the benchmarks for your industry and account size. The site can give you actionable insights into your most liked and most commented posts so you can begin producing more high converting content.

3. Apps to layout your feed

A beautifully curated feed is the key to a killer Instagram profile. Try to think of your account as a cohesive whole rather than each photo individually. Planoly lets you drag and drop pictures before you upload so you can preview which look the best next to one another. It also lets you plan out all your captions and hashtags ahead of time and proactively set a posting schedule to stay organized.

Want more tools for managing your Instagram account? Check out our free resource library or download our influencer handbook today.

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