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Have you ever seen a sponsored post on Instagram and thought, “I could do that?”


Have you seen someone post on behalf of a brand you love and wondered how they got paid for it? 


Have you seen people traveling the world for free and thought, “Wow, they’re so lucky.”


Have you seen an account with tens of thousands of followers and wondered how they got so big when your photos are arguably just as good?

Do you have a good sized audience but are struggling to get paid opportunities?


Welcome to the Influencer Institute. We're here to teach you all that and more.


Most people believe that influencers are born, not made. This is simply not true. Almost no one is born famous.


Did you know Kim Kardashian made herself a star by spending years organizing other celebrity’s closets, surrounding herself with the right people, and hustling? Anyone can be an expert or influencer in their field if they put the time into educating themselves and increasing their authority.


The Influencer handbook is here to teach you how to grow your audience, monetize your profiles, and capitalize on opportunities.

Volcano Hiker

This is not a get rich quick scheme.


There are no shortcuts or pyramid schemes here. I'm not trying to sell you an unobtainable dream. If you don’t put the time in, you will not see a return on investment, plain and simple. So get ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work. This is about building a sustainable long-term business and brand, not getting a few hundred bucks for one sponsored post. As with anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out.


I’m not going to sugar coat it, to make it in this industry, you have to invest at least a few hours a day over the course of at least six months to truly reach your potential. It took me a year and a half pounding the pavement every single day to get to 100K followers across three accounts. If you’re not committed or you don’t have the time, don’t do it. But if you follow our guide, the course will pay for itself with 1-2 sponsored posts.

Curious? Learn More in the FAQs 

Feet Out the Window

Why should you want to be an influencer?


Beyond being one of the most in-demand and lucrative professions, your personal brand is your calling card. If managed effectively, it can open doors for appearances, press, and new business. The more clout you have, the more people like, trust, and want to work with you, which ultimately translates into better relationships and job prospects. The free stuff and attention isn't bad either.


Who am I and what are my qualifications?


A girl who was tired of seeing everyone else write crappy captions and take half-assed iPhone photos and get paid for it. I have a B.A. in advertising and a master’s in E-business and wanted a piece of the pie. I spent a year figuring out how to hack the Instagram algorithm and got 150K+-targeted followers across my three accounts. My first year in the industry,  I worked on over 50 brand campaigns and made $20,000 directly from influencer marketing. Since then, I’ve turned my side hustle into a full-time gig and am now making a more than I was with a full-time salary doing what I love – traveling and eating. I want to pay it forward and teach you how to do the same. 

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