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Can anyone really make themselves an influencer?

Of course, like any job or skill the more time you put into education and becoming an expert, the more qualified you'll become. No one is born a lawyer or doctor. There may not be a traditional program or degree for it, but being an influencer is a hobby or profession like anything else. Obviously certain people are more inherently gifted with a camera, words, and more naturally creative, but anyone can learn to create good content and brand themselves.

Who are you and why can you help me?

Hi, I'm Lauren (or @lmonitz) from I worked on the agency side of influencer campaigns for 3+ years at a travel publication learning the ins and outs of what brands want until I grew my own following and started doing it on my own. If I can turn my passion for eating and traveling into a sustainable career, anyone can. I learned so much my first year freelancing full-time, I wanted to save you from all the rookie mistakes I made. Whether you're interested in growing your profiles as a side hustle to get free swag and cool event invites or are looking to do this as a professionally, I have tons of tips, tricks, and hacks to see that you're successful as an influencer. 

Is this course tailored to being a travel influencer?


The examples focus primarily on the travel industry, but the lessons apply to all niches. Beyond being Instagram’s bread and butter (who doesn’t like seeing pretty vacation destinations all day?), that's where my experience lies. The techniques and tactics for managing your brand and grow your following are applicable to any type of influencer, but I do include specific details about working with destination marketing organizations like tourism boards and hotel partners.

What does the guide cost?

$179.95. You can rest-assured the value far exceeds the cost and it will pay for itself within 1-2 sponsored posts. 

What format is the course in?


It’s a 40-page downloadable e-book you can read at your own pace. 


How long do I have access to the course information?


Forever. And if I update it with new information, you’ll be the first to know.


Will I become an influencer if I buy the book?


That depends on you. I’ve given you proven tactics that work, it’s up to you to put the time into implementing them. 


Why would I want to be an influencer?

If you have to ask this question, this course is probably not for you. There’s nothing wrong with just using social media to stay in touch with friends and family and post silly pictures. This course is for people who want to use social media as a business and transform their profile into a source of revenue generating income. Influencers get paid and trades for their brand collaborations, but that shouldn’t be the only motivation. This course is for people who are looking to build an online brand and grow an audience.


How long does it take to become an influencer?

Every account is different, but it won’t happen overnight. I recommend spending 2-3 hours/day on Instagram if you’re really serious about getting followers. It took me 1.5 years to get 100K followers on one account and one year to get to 150K across three profiles.


Do you sell the courses separately?


No, I believe in a wholistic approach and want to ensure your account is as optimized as possible before you start trying to monetize. You only have one chance to make a first impression. I don’t want you to put the cart before the horse. 


What if I already have followers or already am an influencer? Will the course benefit me?


That’s great, you’re a step ahead. But I also have a lot of personal branding and profile optimization tips that are necessary to consider before you focus on monetizing. Trust me, there are lessons for everyone that will be helpful for you, too. It’s not just about getting followers, it's about building a sustainable and engaged community.


Can you guarantee I’ll make money from this?


No, just like I can’t guarantee you'll lose weight on a diet or fitness plan. It all depends on your drive and commitment. 


What’s your refund policy?


I stand behind all my work and guarantee these tried and true tips will improve your digital brand. I’m so confident you will be satisfied that at least some aspect will improve your life, I will give you a full refund within 8 weeks of purchase as long as you provide proof you genuinely tried to follow my guidelines. Before and after photos of your account are required for refunds along with an honest assessment of how much time you invested (Remember, I recommend at least two hours/day minimum to be successful).


Why are you qualified to do this? 


I came from an agency where our main product was influencer campaigns. As I grew my own account and began working with brands one-on-one I realized there was very little consistency in terms of experiences with destinations and a general lack of information about what influencers need to be successful. I’ve worked on over 100 campaigns in 25 states with a variety of clients from CVBs and DMOs to hotels, transportation providers, and consumer goods. Formally, I have a master's in E-business, a BA in advertising, and a certificate in technology, arts and media. In short, I know what works and what converts in digital marketing. I have tons of ideas how to make your destination more desirable and fully believe there's no such thing as a flyover state or city. Let's create something great together.

Why are you offering this information for free?


Selfishly, my goal to make influencer trips better for myself, while helping you along the way. I want the influencer industry to be beneficial for both brands and talent. Of course, I hope you'll become a client in the future -- I'd love to do a campaign with you either as an influencer or help you with your influencer strategy. I know how laborious it can be vetting talent, doing contract negotiations, planning itineraries, tracking deliverables, and generally knowing who to trust. I've found that on average it takes about 30 emails to get a campaign going, which is pretty insane if you think about it. I'd love to take some of that work off your plate.

Do you offer Instagram account audits? 


Yep. $300 for current clients and $500 for new faces. 

Can you get me followers?

I can help you organically grow your account by regularly posting good content and engaging. There's no silver bullet.


Can you run my account for me?


Yes. Shoot me a message and let's chat.


What services do you offer besides social media management?


Pretty much anything in the digital marketing space - lead gen, brand building, influencer campaign management. Events like Instameets and pop-ups. I'm also a travel/food writer and can help with any editorial or content needs. Get in touch to discuss.

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